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Continuing a long bathing tradition

It was the Turks who first took advantage of Eger's natural hot springs when they built their baths during their occupation of Eger in the sixteenth century.

Of course, the people of Eger had utilised the hot water for bathing and laundering clothes prior to this but they did not have an organised bathing culture like the Ottomans.

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The Ottoman Legacy?

Blessed with a surfeit of water (but no sea) and hot thermal springs, Hungary has fully embraced bathing culture, so much so that it is now a major part of their tourism industry.

Branded as 'Wellness' (a word I despise) tourism, this shift in Hungary's marketing strategy has paid dividends in terms of visitor numbers which were up 13% in 2012.

Eger is no exception to this trend, there are countless hotels and guest houses offering spa treatments such as massages, in-house facilities like jacuzzis, swimming pools and saunas and special offers allowing reduced or free admission into some of Eger's baths.

The original wellness facility in Eger - The Turkish Baths

As you will see below, I have chosen what I consider to be the top providers of spa hotel accommodation in Eger .

My selection is based on my experiences of the hotels/guesthouses, those of my friends/acquaintances and those of reviewers writing on travel websites such as agoda.com and booking.com.

If you have any further questions about the hotels listed, do not hesitate to get in touch via our contact us form.

Top Spa Hotels in Eger

Please note that there is no particular order to this list i.e. the first is not superior to the second and so on. Click on the photos to learn more about each individual hotel

The Shiraz

Along with its sister hotel, the Bambara (see below), the Shiraz is built around a north-African theme. Although a relatively small hotel, it has extensive spa facilities and is located just 6 km from Eger in the small village of Egerszalok. Well worth a visit if you fancy a quiet but reinvigorating break.

The Bambara

With a distinctive Moroccan flavour, the Bambara is not actually in Eger but in the wooded village of Felsotarkany, a stone's throw from the Baroque town. The spa has a sauna, jacuzzi, indoor pool and countless massages to choose from making the Bambara a good choice for those looking for something more than just a place to stay.

The Saliris Resort Hotel

This place is big. Although not really sympathetic to its surroundings, the Saliris really does grab the attention, not least because it is right next to the famous Egerszalok thermal springs which have created a stunning, gleaming white hill from the minerals they bring up from 400 metres below ground.

The Hotel Kodmon

With its four star rating, the Kodmon is targeting tourists who like to spend a bit of money on pampering themselves. Nestled in the wine-producing Valley of the Beautiful Women, it is ideally suited to those who enjoy a glass of two while relaxing under the hands of an experienced masseuse.

Imola Hotel Platan

The newest addition to Eger's spa industry, the Imola Hotel Platan has an interesting policy towards children: anyone under the age of 16 is not allowed to stay in the place. The thinking behind this is that screaming, shouting and generally annoying children are not conducive to a relaxing and enjoyable spa break. They have a point.

Hotel Korona

Not only is the Hotel Korona a spa hotel but it is also home to Hungary's national wine museum. What more could you ask for - lazy days spent enjoying the wellness facilities and lazy evenings supping on fine wines.

Hotel Flora

Although not as luxurious as the hotels above, the Hotel Flora has one thing in its favour, all guests have free entry to the Eger open air baths. The baths are extensive and particularly good fun for children, worth putting up with the dated decor for this.

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