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Top Ten Things to do in Eger......

View of Eger from the castle

For those with no time or patience to trawl through the site, here are the top ten Eger must-dos in no particular order (click on the items to learn more):


Create your own Egri Bikavér (Bulls Blood) wine


Relive your youth (or that of your parents') with a visit to the newest and, I've heard it said, best Beatles museum in the World.


Wallow in the same curative waters enjoyed by Abdi Pasha the Albanian in the 17th century.


Visit a traditional Hungarian Csarda (inn) and tuck into some magyar cuisine all the while enjoying the sounds of Gypsy fiddlers.


Take the road train to Szépasszony Völgy and go cellar hopping in the Valley of the Beautiful Woman. Drink wines of all types from the very good to the downright terrible. Although by the end you won't know the difference....or care.


Climb to the top of the astronomy tower in the Lyceum to see Eger through the eye of the Camera Obscura - a miraculous machine in its day, it still is an amazing piece of equipment.


Go on a tour of the underground Casemates in the castle, marvel at the ingenuity of the defenders in the siege of 1552 and get ready to cover your ears when the cannons go off.


If you can, try and visit the Serbian Orthodox church in the North of the city - it is a very difficult undertaking for various reasons and you would do well to enlist a local to help you. However, it's all worth it for the iconostasis that greets you on your entrance.


Wine-tasting. Located in a beautiful, atmospheric wine cellar unchanged by the passing of time and hosted by the winemaker himself, this is a unique opportunity to learn about the history of wine making in Eger, experience Hungarian hospitality and sample some fine wines.


Get out of the town for a while and visit the Bükk National Park. Whether you want to forage for mushrooms, do a bit of birdwatching or just walk off the night before's wine session, this really is something not be missed.

Iconostasis in Eger's Serbian church

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