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Eger Talking Monuments App

Turn your phone into a personal tour guide

Walking around Eger can sometimes be a bit confusing, your surrounded by beautiful buildings but have no way of knowing what they are or their history.

Any information that is available is in Hungarian which, bar Finnish, doesn't resemble any other European language so appears to be complete gibberish.

It really is difficult to appreciate Eger without understanding its context and the only way you're going to do that is to get someone who knows the place to accompany you while walking around the town.

We can help you with our tour guiding services, however, if this is not an option for you then the next best thing is to download the Eger Talking Monuments app to your smartphone or tablet.

In short, this great little application turns your phone into a virtual tour guide. Once downloaded, you go to the starting point, the Basilica, and follow the map on your device.

Using GPS, the app tracks your movements and tells you the stories of the buildings and streets when you stand in front of them .

The beauty of this app is that it uses the voices and memories of Eger's citizens to tell the story of the town, adding an authenticity no single tour guide could provide.

To top it all, the app is completely free.


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