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Designer Silk Scarves for Women
Hand-painted by renowned Hungarian silk-painter, Varro Gabi

These beautiful hand-painted scarves are light, airy and silky to the touch. With their vibrant colours and eclectic designs, they are a wonderful keepsake of your time in Hungary.

The passion that Varro Gabi has for her art is plain to see on each and every one of her creations.

She applies the paint directly onto the silk allowing for a freedom of expression unavailable to artists painting on other mediums.

Alongside these designer scarves for women, Gabi also makes and stocks bags, scarves for men, T-shirts, blouses, shirts and lots more.

Prices for scarves range from 15 Euros up to 100 Euros - great value for such unique and beautiful creations.

If your looking for something a bit cheaper, then she also makes fridge magnets starting at 1.50 Euros; Eger T-shirts at 8 Euros and handkerchiefs at 18 Euros. All of which are decorated with her unique beautiful artwork

Where to find Varro Gabi's boutique

  • Website: www.varrogabi.hu
  • Email: varrogabi@varrogabi.hu
  • Tel: +36709413163
  • Address: Varrogabi selyemfesto galeria, H-3300 Eger, Dobo u.9, Hungary
  • Opening hours: Monday-Friday 10.00-17.00; Saturday 10.00-14.00; Sunday closed

Not only does Varro Gabi have a bricks and mortar store in Eger, she also has a web-shop from which you can purchase any of her creations. Check it out here

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