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The Shiraz

Relax, bathe and be pampered

The Shiraz or, to give its full name, the Mesés Shiraz Wellness & Training Hotel Superior is in the small spa town of Egerszalók.

It offers guests "an oriental experience" and combines  "luxury with oriental convenience and African elements".

It is a theme hotel and the sister of the Bambara Hotel (they share the same owner), which is not far from here and provides a similar North African experience.

The 'Arabesque Quad' at the Shiraz Hotel

The Shiraz is in Egerszalók just 6 km from Eger and 120 km from Budapest. It features an oriental spa and is a hotel that will particularly appeal to those wanting a relaxing and healthy (relatively) experience.

As well as the spa, there is a Hammam bath (a steam room similar to a Turkish bath) and an indoor and outdoor pool.

For the more active, there is the possibility to go walking/hiking in the surrounding area; there is nothing quite like relaxing in a hot bath after a days trekking in the forest.

Altogether there are 42 regular rooms and three suites, all decorated with Berber motifs and fitted out with original Moroccan furnishings.


The Oriental Spa

The Shiraz - Reviews

What you find below are two columns: one outlining the positives of the Shiraz and the other the negatives. This information is collated from hotel review websites such as tripadvisor.com and booking.com.

Due to the subjective nature of reviews, I have only included positive/negative experiences given by English-speaking guests (this is because this site is aimed at English speakers) and repeated by three or more individuals.

The Good

Great customer service

Good food (Moroccan cuisine available) and fine wine

Romantic: "I would recommend the hotel especially for couples, has a very nice atmosphere"

Authentic decor

Great spa facilities


Enjoyable for children

Evening programs (Belly dancing etc.)

The Bad

None to speak of (now that's unusual)

Final thought

The Shiraz gets a score of 87% on tripadvisor.com (an average taken from 16 guest reviews) and on booking.com a score of 8.3/10 (an average taken from 18 reviews).

From my reading of the reviews, guests are generally happy with all aspects of the hotel. This is quite unusual, especially the satisfaction expressed with the level of customer service.

So if a friendly smile makes your holiday that much better, maybe this is the place for you.

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