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RageRoom - smashing up stuff

If you're stressed, angry or happen to be a violent individual, then the RageRoom might just be right up your street.

The premise is rather simple - you enter a room, decide what you want to destroy, select your weapon and then...smash it up.

The RageRoom is open from 10.00-22.00 and basic admission is 2500 huf which includes reservation, protective clothing, use of a wood or aluminium baseball bat and 5 everyday objects to destroy.

For 3500 huf, you get a smash ticket! This entitles you to a new range of weapons: a gold club, metal piping and a 4kg hammer, as well as more everyday objects to destroy. You can also choose from more objects that cost from 500huf (keyboard/telephone) to 5000huf (a nice looking TV) on which to take out your rage.

The RageRoom is located in Szechenyi Street, 14 and can be contacted on  +36 30 973 7554 or by email at info@rageroomeger.hu

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