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The Palóc Museum

Celebrating this unique culture                                

This small, intimate museum in the beautiful cobbled street of Dobó utca brings to life the culture of the Palóc people.

The Palóc are a unique subgroup of Hungarians who can today be found living in north-east Hungary and southern Slovakia.

The tisztaszoba (lit. clean room) in the Palóc Museum

Their origins are shrouded in mystery but they are thought to be a branch of the Cuman tribe who were pushed out of their homeland by the Mongols in 1237 and fled west to central Europe.


Distribution of the Palóc today

To the outsider, the Palóc people seem no different from other Hungarians/Slovakians but their culture and way of life is subtly different, a fact quite evident to their fellow countrymen and women.

In a country where the Hungarian language varies little from region to region, the Palóc dialect and accent is quite distinctive.

Reconstruction of a traditional wedding in the Palóc Folk Museum. The
cifrakalács” is that large, elaborately decorated monster to the left

Their embroidery, carved wooden utensils, pottery, decorative painting, clothing, linen, agricultural implements and even their cooking all differ from those around them.

Examples of all of these objects can be seen in the museum, there is even a model of a “cifrakalács” (see picture above), an elaborately decorated cake traditionally baked and eaten at weddings.

The differences do not end there, their rituals and celebrations are also unique. In the Palóc museum you can see a reconstruction of a wedding, and video of the Palóc at play - singing and dancing - and at work -tending the fields, weaving etc.


An example of Palóc embroidery

If you are interested in folklore, then this exhibition is well worth a visit opening up the world of a unique ethnic culture.

Eger is just one stop on the so-called `Palóc Út` (lit: Palóc Way), a marked route that takes in all the significant Palóc settlements including the World Heritage sight, Hollókő.

Palóc women in traditional dress. If you travel the Palóc Way you will see a lot of this

The Museum is open from (2014) :

  • May 1st to September 30th 09.00-17.00
  • October to March Closed
  • Mondays Closed

The entrance fee is only:

  • 200 Huf for adults
  • 100 huf for children/students/pensioners etc.

However, if you want to use a camera, you do have to pay a special surcharge - please ask at the entrance.

Entrance to the museum at Dobó utca 12

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