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Palacsinta Var

The home of huge pancakes

The Palacsinta Var is where you go to get pancakes, not surprising really, considering the restaurant's name translates into English as The Pancake Castle.

The name is apt as you could, quite literally, build a castle out of the monsters this place serves; so big are they that many a diner has had to abandon their meal - beaten by the batter, so to speak.

Entrance to the Palacsinta Var

Located down a small side street, not far from the Castle walls (hence the name), the Palacsinta Var takes some finding, but it's worth spending the time looking for it.

Once through the entrance, a few steps take you down into what was once a cellar but is now a cosy restaurant painted with warm colours and eclectically decorated.

There is also a terrace of sorts, precariously perched on the side of the street.

Being a cellar there is no natural light but the proprietor has managed to make it a pleasant place to spend an evening

The menu as you would expect is dominated by pancakes both sweet and savoury. They are not for the small-stomached and should be approached with care, but once you have decided whch end to start at they are delicious.

Vegetarians will not be disappointed as there are pancake options to more than satisfy their needs.

A word of advice, just because they have savoury and sweet pancakes does not mean that you should order the former for a main dish and the latter for dessert. There is no hope in hell of anyone being able to eat two of these giants: choose one or the other.

Doesn't look too daunting......

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