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Eating out - best of the rest

Something to satisfy even the fussiest appetites

On our page eating out, we looked at some of the highly regarded restaurants and cafés in Eger, our list, however, was far from exhaustive and we are aware that many visitors will have different needs and budgets when it comes to their stomachs.

In an effort to satisfy all appetites, we present the best of the rest.

Lángos - Eger's closed market is the place to get one of these beauties but be sure to consult your doctor first

Eger Market

Katona Tér (Katona Square) is home to Eger's market, on the ground floor you can find fruit and vegetables, flowers, meat, dairy products, in fact everything you need to cook a fine meal. If, on the other hand, you don't fancy slaving over a hot stove on your holiday, then pop upstairs and visit one of the food stalls.

Lángos (see picture above), Kolbász (spicy sausage) served with bread and mustard, grilled pistráng (trout), hurka (sausage made from pig offal and blood) and all manner of meaty delicacies are available in the market. 

Once you've chosen and paid for your food, take a perch at one of the tables and enjoy your classic Hungarian snack. 

Agria Park Plaza

The plaza is Eger's newest shopping experience stuffed with global brands and, as seems to be the fashion in Hungarian shopping centres, a water feature.

The Chinese restaurant in the plaza

On the first floor is the eating area with about 6 or 7 different businesses selling food of various sorts. The food here is preprepared and the process of getting your meal goes something like this: you look at the culinary delights through the glass counters, your selection is then put into the microwave and by the time you've paid you can take your now piping hot food to one of the tables: quick, cheap and somewhat surprisingly, quite tasty.

Each 'restaurant' provides a different cuisine e.g. there is Chinese, Greek, Hungarian and so on.


Don't really need to say anything about this place, they serve burgers, fries, shakes and all the other stuff your familiar with.

McDonalds, for all its faults, does at least always provide good customer service and that is why I love it.

Expressz self-service restaurant

Expressz is a good place to go if your travelling on a tight budget. It resembles a school kitchen as do those working behind the counter. The soundtrack of the crash of pans and bubbling of water adds a nice ambiance as food is ladled onto your plate.

The cheapest dish is zöldséges risotto, (vegetable risoto) which I used to order when I first moved to Eger (money was tight), consisting of boiled rice and peas.

Expressz Restaurant - not the prettiest place in the world

Sándor Puhl owns this place, he, for those who know nothing of football refereeing, is considered one of the finest referees to ever have officiated at a World Cup (1994, USA). Between 1992-1997 he was voted best referee in the world an amazing four times; I know it doesn't make the food taste better, but it makes a good travel story.

If you would like to know more about him there is a room dedicated to his life and career in Eger's Sports Museum.

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