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Liget Dance Hall

Stuffed to the gills with young ones

The Liget Dance Hall is great, if you like that sort of thing. Lots of young ones listening to suspect music, drinking copious amounts of alcohol and sizing up the talent in the hope of some late night action.

This place is my idea of hell but then I'm not the target customer, so I'll shut up and give you the practical details.

Cosmic purple and blue lighting at the bar

One thing going for the Liget is its location, slap bang in the middle of the Archbishop's Park (Érsekkert); though you won't see much of this lovely green area when its dark and you've had a few too many.

Usually the doors open at 22.00 and you can expect to pay 1000 huf to get in. If you're interested in the price of drinks, which you should be if you want to get through the night sane, then follow this link.


In summary then, the Liget Dance Hall is brilliant for the very young, if you're older or cooler then you're better off going elsewhere, the only problem is that there isn't really much else in Eger for discerning revelers wanting a dance and a drink.

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