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Great food with customer service to match

Kodmon Csarda has, if you're to believe the blurb on their website, been on the same site since 1778. 

Csarda is a word you will often come across in the names of Hungarian restaurants, it roughly translates as 'tavern' or 'inn' into English.

In general, you would expect a csarda to serve traditional Hungarian dishes and Kodmon is no exception; however, it does add its own contemporary twist to the dishes making them something quite special.

The Kodmon Csarda hasn't lost all of its tavern feel....

Located in Szépasszony Völgy (the Valley of the Beautiful Woman), the restaurant is part of the Kodmon hotel but you do not need to be a guest to eat there.

The food as you would expect from a Csarda leans toward the classics: tarta beefsteak, goulash, pike-perch fillet, grilled pisztráng (trout), meat soup, pleanty of pork dishes etc.

For those wanting something lighter there are pasta dishes but for vegetarians of the non-fish eating variety, there is precious little.

..although the restaurant has.

For people like me who value customer service above all else, the Kodmon is a joy. The staff are attentive, knowledgeable about the dishes and wines, and really do go out of their way to ensure diners enjoy their evening.

What does Ilkka say?

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Ilkka Januteinen, originally from Finland, regularly forgoes family life in pursuit of bringing us the freshest culinary news from around Eger.

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"The best customer service in town. Here not only the food is brilliant, but the staff makes sure you’ll have a great dining experience every time you visit. There are two great restaurants in the Valley of the Beautiful Woman (the other being the Kulacs Csarda), both doing great work with food and creating a great atmosphere, so I can't choose between the two. They are the reason to visit the valley more than once during your stay in Eger."

Medallions of Hungarian pork with a contemporary twist

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