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Kiraly Pizza Restaurant

Avoid the pizza, go for the kebab

This place should really be called the Kiraly Kebab Restaurant as it is this Greek delight that sets it apart from the competition; the pizzas are really not that good, you can get far better at Elefanto or Il Padrino Pizza Club.

Not the classiest looking place in Eger

On entering Kiraly Pizza you are confronted by a mass of information about the food that the place sells. Be strong, do not get distracted, bow your head and walk to the counter when there ask for a chicken kebab in pitta and nothing else.

If you stick to these simple instructions, you will not be disappointed but should you be tempted by anything else then you surely will be.

Stay focussed, don't be distracted by the mad man offering all manner of delights

What does Ilkka say?

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"On your way back to town from the thermal baths, make sure to taste some gyros, a Greek version of the chicken kebab in the most popular gyros restaurant in town. More of a fast-food restaurant, this is a better and tastier alternative to a simple pizza or hamburger. Roasted chicken, salad and feta cheese, all served in an oiled and slightly grilled pita bread."


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