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Hotel Eger

Central location, Great spa

The Hotel Eger is not much to look at but, believe it or not, it used to be even less attractive.

Within the last 5 years it has undergone extensive refurbishment inside and out which has greatly improved the aesthetic of the place, the facilities on offer and the comfort of the rooms.

Most people don't come here for the looks of the hotel anyway, they come for the wellness facilities and the central location.

If it is an architecturally pleasing hotel with exactly the same facilities (but a higher price tag) then look no further than the Hotel Eger's sister hotel, the Hotel Park just a step away

Hotel Eger

Hotel Eger with 177 rooms is the largest hotel in Eger. Each room comes with air conditioning, balcony, mini-bar and cable television.

It is its location and wellness centre that make the Hotel Eger special. All the sights, shops and restaurants are within easy reach, no more than a 10 minute stroll.

Twin room - functional but adequate

The wellness centre includes pools, a sauna, a salt room, countless treatments and its own dedicated medical centre which specialises in complaints of the musculoskeletal variety.

The doctors there can diagnose your condition and recommend treatments (usually the doctor on duty will speak Hungarian, English and German) on site that will help you with your condition.

Hot Pool

Hot pool with hydro-shower


Indoor pool

Fancy lighting in pool area

Children's pool

One odd thing that many guests comment on is that, because Hotel Eger is actually one of two hotels that are physically joined together, the restaurant facilities are in the other hotel.

To eat, you must travel, but don't worry the breakfast in particular will provide you with more than enough energy to make the 5 minute wall through a maze of passages.

Worth the walk - the Hotel Eger's dining room

Hotel Eger - What the guests say

What you find below are two columns: one outlining the positives of the Hotel Eger and the other the negatives.

This information is collated from hotel review websites such as tripadvisor.com and booking.com.

Due to the subjective nature of reviews, I have only included positive/negative experiences given by English-speaking guests (this is because this site is aimed at English speakers) and repeated by three or more individuals.

The Good

The Spa

Location- close to centre and all the sights


Breakfast - quantity and quality

The service is generally good

The Bad

Regular rooms too small

Supper not as good as breakfast

Final thought

The Hotel Eger gets a score of 70% on tripadvisor.com (an average taken from 40 guest reviews) and on booking.com a score of 8.0/10 (an average taken from 78 reviews).

From my reading of the reviews, guests are generally happy with the hotel. Its location, spa facilities and breakfasts are what people like the most, while the small rooms and evening meals let it down.

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