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Heroes Hall

The siege of 1552 ended in a historic victory for the Hungarians. In Eger Castle's Gothic Palace, the participants are celebrated in the Heroes Hall.

As with the Casemates, you can only visit this exhibit with a guide (please see below for more information about securing the services of a guide).

Heroes Hall - with a replica of István Dobó's tomb in the centre

The first thing you notice when entering the Hall (it is called a hall but it is no more than a room and not a very big one at that) are the 6 stone plaques facing you, altogether they contain 315 names (below).

Some of the castle defenders of 1552 are celebrated on this plaque

These are the names of soldiers and ordinary people who are known to have helped in the defence of the castle.

Particularly interesting is that the professions of some have been written next to their names. For example:

  • Mészaros - butcher
  • Kulcsar - storekeeper
  • Deák - literate
  • Puskás - rifleman
  • Ispán - regional commander
  • Kovács - blacksmith
  • Molnár - miller
  • Lakatos - locksmith

Underneath these stone tablets, one can just about discern some rather crude drawings on the plaster, including what seems to be a representation of Golgotha.

These pictures have absolutely nothing to do with the siege, but were done by prisoners at the end of the eighteenth century when this room was used as the prison chapel. A nice idea to preserve these.


You can just about make out Golgotha

In a room commemorating the heroes of 1552, it is only fitting that centre stage is occupied by the man who commanded the Hungarian forces, Captain István Dobó.

A red marble replica of his sarcophagus (Dobó is buried in his hometown, Dobrovszka in what is now Slovakia) sits in the middle of the hall; wearing plate armour with chain mail, Dobó looks every inch the hero.

Made by Dobó`s son, the casket has a poem on one side celebrating the Captain`s heroic deeds, and on the other a few lines honouring his Vovoideship of Transylvania, a position he acquired in 1553.


Full size depiction of István Dobó on his tomb. In his left hand, he holds a passage from the Book of Job, and in his right the Hungarian flag.

Guarding their captain are six, huge statues placed with their backs to the wall. Beautiful they are not, but they are certainly imposing. Each represents a heroic figure from the siege.

So, for example, there is István Mekcsey, Dobó`second-in-command, Gergely Bornemissza, the munitions expert, and also depicted is one of the renowned Women of Eger, who so valiantly fought alongside the men and whose ferocity and courage is said to be evident in the ladies of Eger today.

eger woman

An Eger woman (to the left) watches over Dobó`s tomb

Between each of these large statues, there is a stone box containing the bones of some of those who died fighting in 1552.

During excavations, human remains were regularly uncovered and it was thought fitting that in the absence of any identification, they should be placed here, in the Heroes Hall


As noted above, only guided groups can visit this particular part of the Castle. Guides are available to anyone wishing to visit Heroes Hall and they will also take in the Casemates on their tour.

Every hour, on the hour, a tour for Heroes Hall and the casemates leaves the information desk (see green cross on map below), the cost of which is included in the ticket price to the castle. If you only paid for a walking ticket, however, then the tour is 550 huf.

eger castle map

Plan of Eger Castle - the meeting place for the tour of Heroes Hall is marked with a green cross

You do not need to register for the tours, you just wait for the guide to appear at the information desk. The tour will invariably be in Hungarian, but sometimes the guides do speak some English. If you want to be sure of an English speaking guide, then you will need to ask at the information desk.

Alternatively, you can call us and we will arrange for you a complete castle tour with an English speaking guide.

Our tour takes in the Castle Museum, the Art Gallery, the Panopticum, the Casemates, Heroes Hall, the Dungeon, the walls and the remains of the Cathedral and lasts a full two hours.

Please contact us for more details and a quote.

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