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The Great Meadow (Nagy Mező)

Wild flowers, karst sinkholes, Lipizzaner horses

The 'Great Meadow', is a nature reserve of sinkholes, karst formations and wildflowers. If you're lucky you might come across a large herd of Lipizzaners grazing, a sight you won't forget in a hurry.

Due to its unique microclimate, the Great Meadow is a haven for many species of wildflower

The Great Meadow is one of the most popular destinations in the Bükk National Park. Its wildflowers, open expanses and unique microclimate are just a few of the reasons why so many walkers and cyclists are attracted to this beautiful area.

The Great Meadow - just as stunning in the depths of winter.

Although home to an abundance of natural beauty, the Great Meadow is in fact a creation of the eighteenth century. It was then that the ironworks and glass manufacturers in the area began to source timber from this area and the creation of grazing lands was the consequence.

It wasn't long before pastoralists began to take advantage of this new land which meant that it remained grassland through the grazing of the animal and frequent mowing.

A pastoralist's dream

In the 1950s when the Lipizzaner stud opened in Szilvasvárad, the Great Meadow became a favourite of the shepherds (csikós) who bought the herds of horses up here to graze.

Today, if you're lucky it is still possible to see these lone herdsmen with their characteristic bull whips (karikás ostor) tending herds of up to 50 horses.

The Great Meadow is highly protected and it is prohibited to disturb the flora and fauna. Information boards in Hungarian, German and English are dotted around the area detailing the characteristics and features of the meadow.

Despite its protected status the park authorities saw fit to construct a tarmacked road that cuts through the whole area; this allows easy access for the thousands of visitors but does spoil the experience somewhat.

A map of the area: 1. Parking 2. The Great Meadow (Nagy Mező) 3. Kis-Kőháti Cave. The orange dotted line is a 3.3 kilometre marked trail that takes in the meadow and the cave.

Also worth a visit is the Kis-Koháti cave which is located on the marked trail (see map above).

At 923 metres above sea level and 117 metres deep the Kis-Kőháti Cave is one of the most beautiful shaft caves in the Bükk National Park. It was most likely formed during the middle-upper Triassic period in the limestone plateau.

Kis-Kőháti Cave - unless you are a seasoned potholer it is unlikely you will want to try and explore the cave

How to get there

Without a car you're going to have real difficulties getting to the Great Meadow as it is 40 kms from Eger. 

It is possible to get the bus to Miskolc from the main bus station in Eger. It leaves at 08.30 and you need to get off at Bánya Hegy (at 09.14) and then follow the dirt track up the hill.

If you need any more information, then please contact us and we'll endeavour to help you.

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