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Just for veggies, just for lunch

Hungarian cuisine is, to put it mildly, meatcentric. Pork and beef dominate many dishes and this is reflected in the offerings on restaurant menus. Vegetarians are barely catered for and when they are the choice is usually limited to rantott trappista (cheese fried in breadcrumbs), rantott zoldsegek (vegetables fried in breadcrumbs) and lots of desserts (not fried in breadcrumbs).

In Budapest it's OK if you don't partake of the flesh, there are many restaurants specialising in vegetarian dishes but in Eger you are limted to just one: Govinda, run by the Krisna Movement.

However, despite having no competition, Govinda doesn't compromise on quality or price; you are guaranteed a tasty, filling meal every time.

Govinda, simple but bright

It can be quite difficult to find Govinda as it is at the far end of Széchenyi Utca far from the tourist sites in the centre, it is, however, well worth the trip.

The restaurant is spread out over three parts: a terrace, the hall to the temple and the temple itself. A word of advice: if you are seated in the temple area then it is important to remove your shoes before entering.

You can also order and get your meal delivered, see details in the right-hand column.

The dishes served here are all influenced by Eastern cuisine but they are not spicy, far from it.

Every day there is a different menu, two choices: big or small. The former includes soup and more of the main course, while the latter just the main dish (which includes a veggie curry, a bread, salad, rice and a chutney).

As well as the ever-changing menu, there are the regular dishes such as pizzas, pastas and seriously delicious puddings.

Govinda's terrace

Unfortunately, Govinda is only open from 12.00-16.00 i.e. only for lunch, so should you be wanting a vegetarian supper you'll either have to go hungry or try out some of Eger's other restaurants and throw yourself at the mercy of their vegetarian selection.

I highly recommend the almond and vanilla cream slice.

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