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Quite cool.......for Eger.

Gödör Kult Klub is in a great location, as good as under Eger's great Basilica. What Archbishop Pyrker, he who commissioned the cathedral, would have made of it all is anyone's guess but I have a fairly good idea.

Well, times have changed and what was once part of the archiepiscopal wine cellar is now rocking to a very different beat.

Gödör Kult Klub regularly holds events for students from the local college

Gödor is much like any other club: lots of loud music, drunk people, bad dancing and so on. The fact that it is in a cellar gives it a certain 'underground feeling' and the decor has been 'selected' to reflect the grimy, I-don't-care-because-I'm-too-cool-to-waste-my-time-on-furniture vibe the club owner(s) seem to want to convey, either that or they don't have any money.

However, the club comes into its own when there is live music. It regularly hosts artists from outside Hungary and there are regular sets by up and coming local DJs and more seasoned performers.

It pays to get there early (before 12.00 usually as your likely to get a discount. There are regular discounts on some drinks and on a Friday and Saturday night doors open at around 21.00-22.00 only closing at 05.00. 

Someone's been dumpster diving

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