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Budapest to Eger

Accessible Eger

Eger is a must-see on any itinerary, it has it all: a fantastic history, imposing architecture great wine, relaxing baths, a host of things to do, hotels to suit all budgets and much more.

Perhaps what might put you off is that it is outside of Budapest and, as many English speakers come to Hungary for a long weekend, think that it is too far away and will take too big a chunk out of your holiday. Well, let me put that worry to rest.

Eger - stunning, and only a short ride from Budapest too.

Eger is very accessible and despite what you may think a day trip to the city from Budapest is a viable and straightforward proposition.

You can leave Budapest at, let's say 08.30, be in the centre of Eger by 10.00, have a walk around the beautiful Baroque town centre, visit the castle, sit down at a quality bistro for lunch and enjoy great food and fine Eger wine, head to the baths for a bit of a wallow in the mineral waters, sample some pastries at a renowned patisserie accompanied by a much-needed espresso and be back in Budapest in time for supper.

What more could you ask for? And to top it all off you've seen a bit of Hungary that isn't Budapest, a city which, let's face it, isn't much different from any other Central/Eastern European capital.

Eger. still stunning but by day and with castle wall in the foreground

The coach is perhaps the most straightforward way to get to Eger from Budapest. All you have to do is get to Puskás Ferenc Stadion (on the red metro line), hop onto a bus and a couple of hours later you're in the centre of Eger.

For more information, timetables etc., please visit our page on taking the coach from Budapest to Eger

One of three beautifully painted cupolas in Eger's Basilica, this one is a depiction of the Apocalypse of St.John

If you want a bit more of an adventure then you really should take the train. I don't mean adventure in the sense of being attacked by irate wild boar or the like, rather adventure as in the increased potential to get lost, as in the high likelihood of having entertaining conversations with people of which you understand nothing but nod and smile as if you do  and as in the certainty that the toilets you meet on the train will be the filthiest you have ever seen.

These are the adventures we have when traveling today and MÁV (the Hungarian State Railway) is more than happy to provide them.

However, it is possible to avoid all this and take the Intercity, but where's the fun in that?

If I have whetted your appetite for a bit of train travel. then visit our page 'Taking the train from Budapest to Eger'

The Bükk National Park is just a small step out of Eger, a great antidote to the big smoke of Budapest

The quickest and most comfortable way to get to Eger is, of course, by car. The route between Eger and Budapest is predominantly motorway, the M3. Once you reach Füzesabony take the north road, Route 25.

If you do not have access to a car or don't not want to drive, then there is always a taxi. These are relatively cheap (compared to other countries) but are still by far the most expensive option - it is 140km, after all, but if you are planning to take one then make sure it is a reputable firm/individual. Personal recommendations are best.

If you wish we can arrange for a taxi to come to Budapest from Eger, not only are you sure of a reputable driver we can also guarantee that the fare will be at least 30% less than anything you'll get in Budapest. Contact us, if you're interested

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