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The White Stag

With a large array of bits of long dead animals and the equipment that went into killing them staring down at you from the walls, you're left in no doubt as to what this restaurant is noted for.

Unrivaled in Eger for its game dishes, the White Stag is well worth a visit for those wishing to sample wild boar, venison and the like.

The White Stag: Not a place for lovers of cuddly animals

Between October and February is the best time to visit the restaurant, as this is when you are likely to get fresh, local game as it is Hungary's hunting season.

Outside of this time period you will still find fresh game being served it will just come from further afield. Also try the cold fruit soup (a Hungarian speciality), incredibly refreshing on a hot summer's day, and, if your arteries will take it, the goose liver pâté.

Exterior view of the White Stag in Klapka György Utca

What does Illka say?

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Ilkka Januteinen, originally from Finland, regularly forgoes family life in pursuit of bringing us the freshest culinary news from around Eger.

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"Very good selection of beautifully prepared and served local game dishes and sturdy wines from the region. Considered by many locals to be the number one restaurant in Eger. The interior design is hunter/hunting themed, a bit old school, but if you love game and don’t mind being surrounded by stuffed animals and other hunting memorabilia, this is a very good choice to explore classic Hungarian cuisine. Great atmosphere, skillful staff, good selection of meat dishes."

The White stag is definitely not a place for vegetarians as there is a very limited choice of non-meat dishes (one at the last count), also those who are offended by the display of dead animals are advised to give this place a miss.

Usually there is a pianist tinkling away in the corner which is a nice accompaniment to the evening and, if the feeling (and the palinka) takes you, you can get up and sing a song or two.

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