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It`s more than just Bull`s Blood                                

Today, there is a great feeling of optimism in the Eger wine industry.There are a number of reasons for this:

  • For the past few years tourist numbers are up and it is the wine producers in particular that are benefiting from this surge.
  • A new cuvee wine, Egri Csillag has been introduced onto the market and is fast gaining plaudits from the wine world.
  • The growing recognition in the outside world that the Eger Wine District produces quality wine to rival the best of the `traditional` wine producing countries.

bulls blood


Do you want to taste some of Eger's fine wines in a beautiful setting and with knowledgeable, English speaking winemakers?

Check out our page on Brancs Wine Garden and Coffee House

Whatever the reason may be, this optimism is good for the city and the surrounding area. Eger and wine are, and have been since 1006,  inseparable; the history of wine making in the city is long and fruitful.

eger vineyard

Although best known for its cuvee wine, Egri Bikavér (Bulls`s Blood), Eger has much more to offer visitors be they a committed oenophile or complete amateur.

Wine Festivals Galore               

As you would expect from a town steeped in vino, there are countless festivals and celebrations centred around wine.

These take place throughout the year and are listed here.

These wine festivals are not just celebrations of wine, rather they are a window on the life and culture of Hungarians: as well as being able to taste fine wines, visitors can enjoy Magyar cuisine, watch traditional folk dancing (and if desired, try a step or two), listen to fine Carpathian music, buy local handicrafts and so on.

Don`t let the fact that you have children put you off, invariably there are programs laid on for them too.

bulls blood festival

Eger Bull`s Blood Festival (Egri Bikavér ünnep) is the biggest of the wine holidays in Eger, so big in fact that it has recently been moved to the Archbishop`s Park (Érsekkert) to accommodate the throngs of visitors

Don`t leave Eger before tasting these:      

Egri Bikavér (Bull`s Blood)

Egri Bikavér or Bulls`s Blood is Eger`s signature wine, it is a cuvée wine variety i.e a blend of grape types. It has a long and illustrious history and legends around its intriguing name abound.

For more on Egri Bikavér, take a look at our Bull`s Blood page and if you`re interested in tasting and/or purchasing some of this fine, dry red then take a look here.

Egri Csillag (Eger Star)

There`s a new star in town and it goes by the name of Egri Csillag (lit. Star of Eger). This is also a cuvée wine variety, but white. Similar to Bikavér its name also has an interesting story to it.

However, unlike its established brother above, Egri Csillag has no history to speak of, it is in fact the creation of a marketing department. 

But do not let this sway you when considering what wines to taste/buy when in Eger. There are some outstanding white wines sold under this name and a visit to Eger would not be complete without letting it charm your palate. There are many places in Eger where you can try Egri Csillag and, if it is to your liking, purchase some.

Click here to read more of Egri Csillag's story and the regulations governing its blending.

Planning to Buy or Taste Wine in Eger?

One problem you definitely won`t have in Eger is finding somewhere to buy or taste wine.

However, unless a committed oenophile, you will have great difficulty in sifting through the myriad wines on offer.

But do not despair as we have gathered all the information together that will make it easier for you to choose the wine you need.

First things first, an essential requirement when choosing a wine from this area is to be aware of the vintages, the past 10 years or so has seen some good weather for grapes and consequently good wine has been produced, other years have proved less fruitful.

Here is a brief description of the vintages from the past decade (2003-2014) both good and bad.

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