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Eger Wine Guide

Explore the Eger wine region with a knowledgeable local

As you can imagine of a city at the centre of a wine-producing area, Eger is awash with vino.

There is, however, a large variance in the quality of the wines on offer which is why it can be a good idea to have a knowledgeable, English-speaking guide to plan and accompany you on your wine tour of Eger.

Judit Bota is our resident wine expert and will accompany you on your tour of Eger, an 'Egerian' by birth, she knows where to find the best cellars and the finest wines the city has to offer.

Well-tended vines on the slopes overlooking Eger

Whether you're just looking to learn a bit more about Eger and its wine or a committed oenophile with a curiosity for what's new and fine, or, indeed anything in between, then Judit will be able to help.

Just contact us here at ieger.com with any specific requests you may have and Judit will get back to you with a tour plan and a quote. If, on the other hand, you just want to taste some wine while in Eger, then we can arrange a tasting in a local cellar with or without a guide.

Tables laid for a winetasting

For more on the Eger wine region and its signature wines Egri Bikavér and Egri Csillag, pop over to our pages on wine.

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