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Eger Wine Festivals

Celebrating wine

It is hardly surprising that in a town so dependent on the wine industry that there are many occasions in which the venerable vino is celebrated.

Wine festivals occur throughout the year and some of the biggest and most important are listed below.

If you are planning to visit Eger when one of these events is occurring then I would highly recommend that you try and attend.

If you want information about upcoming wine events, then do not hesitate to contact us.

Egri Bikaver festival

Eger Bull`s Blood Festival (Egri Bikavér Ünnep) : hats are optional

Viticultural and Oneology Conference

Taking place in January, this is the country’s best-attended viticultural and oneology conference, where professionals and young hopefuls meet every year to exchange ideas and thoughts. Academics and experienced winemakers present the very latest research into all aspects of the national and international wine industry.

Wine Conference at Eger Park Hotel

The Viticulturists’ Ball

The most popular ball of the season in Eger. Every year, viticulturists from all over the region come to meet up with wine connoisseurs from Hungary and abroad. This exclusive event centered around wine gastronomy, is organized by the Egri Borbarát Hölgyek Egyesülete (The Eger Association of Lady Oenophiles).

Opening of the Stars

On the 15th of March, winemakers from Eger showcase the latest Egri Csillag wines in the city centre. One special feature of the event is the torchbearers’ march down from the hill: starting at the castle they make their way down to the central square where they present the previous year’s prize winning Egri Csillag to the mayor.

egri csillag presentation

Previous Year`s Egri Csillag vintage being presented to Eger`s mayor, Habis László

Egri Csillag Festival

This special wine festival is organized every year, and takes place inside the walls of the Castle. Winemakers present nothing but Bikavér and Egri Csillag wines. There is an assortment of programs, all arranged and performed by local people.

Saint Donat’s Day - Egri Bikavér Ünnep

This festival is the biggest gastro-wine festival of Eger`s year. Traditionally, it is held in the second weekend of July, in Eger`s largest park, Érsekkert. Restaurants serving quality fare are set up in white tents and these facilities pair up to introduce their specialties. The meals they offer come with one glass of Egri Bikavér. Egri Csillag wines are guests of honour at this event.

Wine Tasting

In August, at the height of the tourist season, the very best of the region’s winemakers set up stands in Dobó Square to offer their finest wines to the public for tasting. There is also folk music and a folk dance festival to entertain the crowd.

Grape Harvest Festival

Representatives of every wine-growing community in the Eger wine region come together to march from the city centre down to Szépasszony Valley. Once there, they all engage in an unforgettable celebration of the vintage.

Diplomat Harvest

Also around the time of the grape harvest, the town invites diplomats from abroad to celebrate the vintage together with noted Hungarian public figures and politicians. They also taste fresh `must` (grape juice), and noted Eger wines.

grape juice eger

No, it`s not wine but `must`, grape juice prior to fermentation.

Blessing of the Wine

On the day of Saint James, December the 27th, Eger`s archbishop blesses the new vintage in the Basilica of Eger. Later on, the wine growers of the region, and the President of the Committee of the Wine-Growing Community report on the amount of grapes they have to make wine bearing the protected denomination of origin seal.

Wine Saloon

The last big wine event of the year is always organized on the 29th of December, in Hotel Eger. Winemakers bring their finest wines to offer them at the ball. More than a thousand guests have the opportunity to enjoy these products at the Saloon and to celebrate the end of the year. Guests are encouraged to dress up in costumes from a specific historical era.

The annual Wine Saloon takes place in December in Eger Park Hotel

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