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Egri Csillag                                  

The legend of the Eger Stars

Egri Csillag or Star of Eger is the new white wine blend from the city best known for its red cuvée, Egri Bikavér or Bull`s Blood.

Bull`s Blood has been about for a long time and is a well-established brand. Egri Csillag, on the other hand, was dreamed up just 4 years ago during a meeting of the Eger Vintners Association in an attempt to breathe new life into the Wine District.

ostoros watchmans hut

Old watchman`s hut in Ostoros. It was from the lights of these lookouts that Egri Csillag got its name

As a result the new wine has come in for a lot of stick and many snootily refer to it as the product of a marketing department and thus not worthy of consideration.

Such comments, although warranted do not do justice to some of the wine being produced by cellars in and around Eger. For the visitor to the city, it is well worth trying some of the better produce from the larger makers and then making up your own mind.

Egri Csillag and Egri Bikavér both have legends attached to their names, both manufactured by those wishing to market the wines to a wider audience.

The former is discussed on another page, here I want to talk about the latter, the story that gives the `Star of Eger` its name.

The Eger teacher and writer, Frigyes Türk, wrote in 1903 that during the Turkish occupation (16th and 17th centuries), watchmen`s huts stood on the north-eastern borders of the city.

These simple shelters marked the important trade route which led from the plain into the Bükk Mountains. At night torches were lit by the watchmen so that those travelling the road could find their way.

It was well-known throughout the area that this particular trade route guaranteed safe passage through this often dangerous district.

Word soon spread that the `stars of Eger` would guide weary travellers to their destination.

It is this legend that has inspired Eger winemakers to create their new blend and to make the Eger wine district unique in Hungary as an area that produces both red and white wine cuvées, blends that are tied to the land through the history of the district.

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