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Aladar Bitskey Swimming Pool

Share a pool with champions

The Aladar Bitskey Pool is home to ZF-Eger one of the strongest water polo teams (winner of the league in 2011 and 2013) in a country where water polo is a religion.

As you can imagine then, this swimming pool is state of the art with great facilities and that is not all, it is also housed in a very fine building designed by the noted Hungarian architect Imre Makovecz.

Makovecz worked in the organic style; he didn't want his buildings to champion over nature, rather become part of it.

This detail of Eger's swimming pool shows the flowing lines so characteristic of organic architecture.

The swimming pool was officially opened on December 3rd, 2000. It is named after Aladar Bitskey a well-loved 'Egerian', who apart from being a top class swimmer (he was a medal winner at the 1927 and 1931 European Championships) devoted his post-competitive life to teaching young people from Eger the basics of swimming.

Don't miss the chance to take a dip in this fabulous pool

The pool often hosts international events most recently the World Underwater Hockey Championship in 2013.

The complex includes an 8 lane competition pool, a practice pool (16m * 8.5m), 2 large capacity saunas and a 8 person jacuzzi.

ZF-Eger in action

The stands overlooking the main pool can accommodate 1500 spectators both standing and seated. Other services include a shop selling swimming paraphernalia and ZF-Eger team souvenirs, a beauty salon, a solarium, a gym, a café, a hairdressers and a massage room.

Practical Information

The Aladar Bitskey pool is open:

  • Weekdays - 06.00 - 21.00
  • Weekends - 07.30 - 18.00

The Lane Schedule

However, before you go you should check the pool's weekly schedule as many groups, schools etc. use the pool and at these times it is not permitted for individuals/private groups to swim.

Although the schedule is in Hungarian, it is easy to follow: along the top you have the days, underneath them you have P1-P8 (the lanes of the main pool) and T1-T2 the lanes of the practice pool. The vertical axis has the time in increments of 30 minutes. If there is not a coloured block in the lane/time block then that lane is available for general swimmers (like you).

Swimming Hats/Lockers

Everyone using the pool must wear a swimming hat. Lockers are available for a deposit of 1000huf which is returned when you give the key back.


Adult   HUF 1 050

Student (children) and Retired   HUF 700

Family ticket Saturdays and Sundays HUF 750

Sauna  HUF 650

Swimming cap rent   HUF 350

Lockers   HUF 450 (+1000huf refundable deposit)

Locker (month)   HUF 2 300

Conference room (hour)   HUF 6 350

Lane renting (hour / lane)   HUF 5 800

Renting of the swimming pool (hour)   HUF 85 000

Renting of training pool (hour / pool)   HUF 6 200

It is also possible to purchase multiple day tickets , annual passes and so on. Please refer to the homepage of the pool to find out more about ticket prices.

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