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Shopping in Eger

Shopping in Eger is a delight. Whether you're after hand-painted silk scarves, jewellery by a local contemporary designer or artisanal wine, the options are exciting and vast.

From sampling Eger's best chimney cake and Retes' at tiny street stalls, to scoping the city's topsy-turvy antique shops and pouring over tacky but charming souvenirs, we have the low-down on how to shop until your bank manager gives you a call.


Varro Gabi - Silk Painter

Varro Gabi's signature is the hand-painted silk scarf, an example of which can be seen above. However, her shop also stocks bags, blouses, shirts and lots more. For those on a budget, check out her highly original T-shirts - a great memento of your time in Eger.

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