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The Kopcsik Marzipan Museum - Everything in this picture is made of marzipan!

As you would expect from a city so steeped in history, Eger has its fair share of museums, what, however, you might not be prepared for is the sheer variety.

From a celebration of all things marzipan to a tour of the extensive archiepiscopal wine cellars, there are museums and exhibitions to suit all ages and tastes in Eger.

The Castle                                                                         

eger castle

The walls of Eger Castle

Without a doubt, Eger castle should be the first port of call for those with an eye on the past.

It is crammed with galleries, museums, exhibitions and sights. There are a number of permanent exhibitions collectively known as the István Dobó museum which include the History of Eger Castle Exhibition in the Gothic Palace, the Eger Art Gallery, the Casemates (always a hit with the children, though the guided tour can drag on), the 11th Century Baptistery, the ruins of the Medieval Cathedral, the so-called Heroes Hall and the Dungeon (another kid's favourite).

There are also a number of private exhibitions including the Stars of Eger Waxwork Museum, the Castle Mint and the Ispotály Cellar. The Renaissance tower also holds various exhibitions throughout the year.

Not far from the Castle, by the rear gate, is Géza Gárdonyi`s former home which has been turned into a memorial to the author who wrote `Egri Csillagok` or `Eclipse of the Crescent Moon, a largely fictionalised account of the celebrated siege of 1552

In the castle grounds there is always something going on: temporary exhibitions, historical re-enactments and all manner of entertainments take place throughout the year; to find out more about these visit the István Dobó Castle Museum website.

The Lyceum                                                                       

ceiling fresco Eger Lyceum

Ceiling fresco depicting the Council of Trent in the Diocesan Library

As well as being the administrative centre of Esterházy Károly College, the Lyceum also houses a number of fascinating exhibitions.

There is the ArchDiocesan Library and its stunning ceiling fresco, the Astronomical Tower with its Camera Obscura and the recently opened museum which takes a fascinating  look at the instrument employed in 18th century stargazing.

Yet another fine ceiling mural awaits you in the Examination Hall. A masterpiece by the Viennese artist Franz Sigrist, the fresco takes as its subject the marriage of science and faith.

Unfortunately, the hall is not open to the public, however, if you wish to visit, and we recommend you do, then we can arrange a private viewing.

lyceum eger fresco

Detail of Franz Sigrist`s fresco showing the Faculty of Astronomy

Other Museums                                                              

Without a doubt, the Castle and the Lyceum are the must-see sites in Eger, but there are other museums and exhibitions dotted around the city that are well worth visiting should you have the time.

The Archbishop's Palace

Recently renovated, the Archbishop's palace is now an altar to displaying the symbiotic relationship between the Church and Eger over the past 1000 or so years. Well worth visiting if you're interested in ecclesiastical history.

Palóc Folk Museum

A fascinating museum at the foot of the castle exhibits the folk culture of the Palóc people, a mysterious group the origins of which remain a mystery up to the present day. The Palóc Museum is well worth a visit for the displays of beautiful and intricate embroidery, handiwork which rivals that of the celebrated Mátyó people of neighbouring Mezőkövesd.

The Minaret

Although not a museum as such, the Minaret is one of the few Turkish buildings remaining in Eger from the 91-year occupation. If that is not reason enough to have a look, also consider that the view from the top is one of the best in Eger, if not a little scary.

Beatles Museum

A pleasant surprise to many, the Beatles Museum is well worth a visit - packed full of memorabilia and items connected to the Fab Four

Marzipan Exhibition

You simply can't miss the marzipan exhibition, one of a kind. All manner of things sculpted out of marzipan, what more could you ask for!

Gárdonyi Geza Museum

Home to one of Hungary's best loved writers, the Gárdonyi Géza Museum helps preserve his legacy while giving a fascinating look at middle class life at the turn of the eighteenth/nineteenth centuries

Sports Museum

At the risk of making sweeping generalisations, the Hungarians love sport, absolutely love it. 

This is reflected in the size and scope of the Heves Sports Museum (Heves is the county of which Eger is the principal city), which celebrates over 100 years of sporting achievement by Heves athletes (the Olympic rings included in the crest of the museum, see image to the left, give a clue as to the main focus of the collection ).

There are more than 2175 exhibits including items celebrating the life of Dr. Kemény Ferenc, one of the founding members of the International Olympic Committee and the Sándor Puhl room, dedicated to the man widely regarded as one of the best football referees to have ever officiated at a World Cup.

Ecclesiastical Museum

Hidden away in the former stables of the Archbishop's palace is the Ecclesiastical Collection: vestments, liturgical objects and priceless church plate combine to give the visitor an idea of the central part Eger has played in the History of Christianity in the Carpathian Basin.

Museum of Fire Fighting

Situated in the recently restored 1929 station, the Eger Museum of Fire Fighting is a favourite with the young. It takes a fascinating look at the history of the fire service in Eger. Fire fighting equipment, fire engines of all sorts and even a telephone exchange tell the story of the fire service in Eger. Especially interesting is the old fire tower attached to the building; its height gave the firemen a great vantage point from which to scour the city for fires.

The Serbian Church Museum

Without worshipers, St. Nicholas' Orthodox Church has fallen silent, yet it still bears witness to the Serbian community that once flourished in Eger. Of particular beauty is the late 18th Century iconostasis, reward enough for the trials you have to go through to gain entrance to the church (tower of the Serbian Church to the right).

The István Wine Museum

Eger has two major industries wine and tourism, at the István Wine Museum the two meet. This 250-metre long wine cellar is just one small section of a subterranean system that stretches for over 120 km under the town of Eger. Visitors will be treated to a guided tour, an introduction to the 22 wine regions of Hungary and, of course, get to taste a selection of Eger's finest wines.

Hungarian Carriage Museum

Although not in Eger, I just had to include the Parád Coach Museum on this page, it is a real treat and well worth visiting. In what is a relatively ordinary stable block lies a truly impressive collection of carriages.

Wheeled vehicles of all kinds are represented, but it is the State and diplomatic coaches that are the stars, adorned with silk brocade and with bridles dripping with solid silver, they transport you back to an age of Emperors and envoys, diplomats and delegates.

Town Under The Town

The 'Town under the Town' is the name given to the guided tour of the archiepiscopal wine cellars that run for around four kilometres under the town.

Don't worry you won't have to walk that far, the tour covers a fraction of the system but is nevertheless a fascinating look at the relationship between the Church and Eger's biggest and best-known product.

Telekessy István Pharmacy Museum

It was in 1713 that Bishop Telekessy gave 2000 forints to be used for the establishment of a pharmacy in Eger. Although not functioning as a chemist today, the Telekessy Istvan pharmacy is still open giving visitors the chance to gaze upon an eighteenth century dispensary in all its Baroque splendour.

Art Exhibitions                                                                 

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