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Spoiled for choice                                                          

For the visitor to Eger, it is not finding accommodation that is the problem, rather it is deciding on what accommodation to choose.

The choice is immense and, quite frankly, overwhelming. Booking a hotel in a foreign country can be a lottery, Hungary is no exception


Saliris Hotel in Egerszalók - one of a new breed of hotels in the Eger region

Faced by reams of professional photographs, outlandish claims and some seriously poor English language skills (or horror of horrors, Google Translate) many tourists just plump for the first thing that catches their eye.

Balanced Review Guarantee

We do not take commissions from hotels nor do we accept advertising from accommodation providers. Our opinions and reviews are not for sale

Admittedly, nowadays there are guest reviews on many travel sites which do take a lot of the gamble out of booking accommodation, but these can just add to the confusion as they can differ enormously.

At ieger.com we have tried take the guesswork out of booking an Eger hotel, by providing you with an objective review of the hotels we believe are the best in their class.

To this end, we have split the Eger hotels into a number of categories that we hope will make it easier to find the accommodation that most suits your tastes and, of course, budget.

Large Hotels

Many shun big hotels when on holiday, too characterless is a common complaint.

This is a valid argument, but their size does mean that they can offer facilities and activities smaller hotels can`t.

On top of this, if you want anonymity (for whatever reason, none of my business) then larger hotels are better. So don`t write off the monsters.

The big hotels in Eger can be split further, into the traditional and the modern:

  • The Hotel Eger and Hotel Park, which is one hotel while being two, combines faded Baroque grandeur with Costa-del-sol hotel architecture. Now if that doesn`t intrigue you.....
  • The Hotel Flora, part of the Hunguest chain of hotels, is looking a bit shabby these days but this is reflected in the price - and you can`t beat the `Wellness` facilities on offer - great for kids.

The latter are comprised of theme hotels which are all the rage in Hungary:

  • The Shiraz and Bambara do not disappoint. Although situated outside Eger, they are within a 10-15 minute drive of the town centre and they really do offer facilities and services that other accommodation providers can`t. Both are designed around a Moroccan style so offer something quite unique in Hungary.
  • The Saliris Resort Hotel in Egerszalók which, is built around a blindingly white limestone formation created by mineral waters rising from the depths of the earth.


The Bambara Hotel has a distinctive West African them, just what you want when you visit Hungary

Bed and Breakfast Hotels

In direct contrast to the faceless but facility laden hotels above, we have the Bed and Breakfast hotels.

Generally these are family run, and offer a charm and level of customer service lacking in other accommodation providers.

One of the major complaints we hear about the Hungarian hospitality industry is that the staff are `unsmiling` and uncaring, this is not something you will encounter in our pick of the best B&Bs in Eger.

Senator Ház (Senator House) cannot be beaten for location and `olde worlde` allure.

Afrodité Apartman Ház (Aphrodite Apartment House)is also on Dobo Utca and boasts a fabulous location and adds super friendly staff to the mix.

Dobó Vendégház (Dobo Guesthouse) is opposite Afrodité and is run by a husband and wife team who have always proved very helpful, they have private and secure parking facilities in the centre of the town - not to be sniffed at.

Senator Ház - unrivalled location

Out-of-town Hotels

Let's face it, the high season in Eger can be noisy and busy and sometimes it can get too much. If staying in Eger is not your idea of a relaxing break, then why not try one of the many hotels and guest houses in the surrounding villages.

The advantages of staying out-of-town are clear: serenity and peace; access to the countryside and, in particular, the Bükk National Park and its many marked trails; close proximity to Eger and other places of interest, such as the UNESCO sights of Tokaj and Agtelek and, last but not least, a more authentic taste of Hungarian life (if you venture outside of the confines of your hotel or guesthouse into the surrounding village):

The Shiraz is located in the small village of Egerszalok, 6 km from Eger, where you can enjoy the tranquility of the countryside safe in the knowledge that should you tire of all that green, urban life is just around the corner.

The Saliris is also in Egerszalok, but that is where the similarities end. This hotel caters for those wanting a bathing experience without the fussiness of themes, nice traditional decor etc. Located next to the famous Salt Hill, the setting cannot be beaten.

The Bambara is the sister hotel of the Shariz (same owners), it is also decorated in a North African style but is in Felsotarkany, a village north of Eger and right in the heart of the Bukk National park. So, if trekking followed by a sauna is you thing, get along to the Bambara.

'Wellness` Hotels

Germans, Austrians and all manner of peoples flock to Hungary to take advantage of its so-called 'Wellness' tourism.

With its hot springs, saunas, lido/water park and other attractions, Eger is at the centre of this so-called 'Wellness' boom.

As a result the number of hotels offering health facilities has increased tenfold. Here we list the best:

The Shiraz

The Bambara

The Saliris Hotel Resort

The Flora Hotel

The Hotel Ködmön

Imola Hotel Platán

Hotel Korona

Central Accommodation

These hotels/guesthouses are especially good for those wanting to be within walking distance of all the sights, shops and restaurants.

Particularly good for those without access to a car, and with Eger's complicated one-way system, you wouldn't want one anyway.

The Hotel Estella

Hotel Minaret

Hotel Korona

Senator Haz

Afrodite Apartment Ház

Imola Udvarház

Szent Janos Hotel

Bargain Accommodation

For those on a tight budget, Eger can seem to be way out of reach.

Fear not, you will not have to spend the night under a bush, there are bargains to be had it just takes a bit of local knowledge to find them.

So if you are a student, backpacker or anyone else who doesn't fancy parting with too much cash, take a look at these:

Mid-price Accommodation

Most of the hotels and guesthouses in Eger fall into this category, some great and others truly terrible.

Here are the ones we think fall into the former category:

Hotel Estella

Hotel Minaret

Hotel Korona

Imola Udvarház

Szent Janos Hotel

Hotel Szent Istvan

'Luxury' Hotels

Eger has its fair share of top notch hotels, offering facilities and a level of service superior to most others.

Of course, these do not compare to those in Budapest but that is only because you cannot possibly equate the two.

You might not get the same level of service and comfort in this small provincial town as in the capital, but then Eger and its surroundings offers so much more than Budapest ever could.

So if the receptionist doesn't fawn all over you like the one in the big city did, take a look out the window and lap up the small town charm and appreciate the absence of the ear-wrecking sounds of trams and wailing emergency vehicles.

The Shiraz: A hotel with a flavour of Morocco about it, this North African inspired hotel offers all the facilities you would expect from a 4 star hotel and has great customer service to match.

The Ködmön: One of Eger's newest hotels, it is tucked away in the Valley of the Beautiful Women, perfect for exploring Hungary's wine culture

Imola Hotel Platán: As unlikely as it may seem, this is a child free hotel, which allows you to enjoy its luxury in peace.

Romantic Hideaways

If I wasn't such a cynic and had a romantic bone left in my body, then Eger would be near the top of my list of locations for a romantic getaway.

You have the wine, the narrow cobbled streets, the street musicians, cake shops, Al fresco dining, and the long, warm summer evenings. I could go on but I won't.

But a lovey-dovey break is nothing without a hideaway in which to express your passion, fortunately there are a couple of hotels that can provide the amorous atmosphere couples might be looking for:

The Shiraz: A hotel with a flavour of Morocco about it. Six kilometres from Eger, it is ideal for those wanting to retreat from the world with only their partner to accompany them.


Planning to stay in Eger for longer than a week? Want a cheaper alternative to a hotel or guest-house?

Then an apartment is probably the way to go. By this, we mean a self-contained unit containing a kitchen, bathroom, living room and a certain number of bedrooms.

An apartment gives you the freedom to come and go as you please, privacy and are generally good value. However, if there are any problems then it can be more difficult to solve them as you will need to contact the owner and may encounter language difficulties, but if you contact us we can help.

Afrodite Apartment Ház

Imola Udvarház

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