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Eger City Tour

Making your trip to Eger truly memorable

Eger is awash with fine architecture and has a fascinating history; however, much of this is inaccessible to the non-Hungarian visitor.

All is not lost, though; Charles, an Englishman who has been living and working in the city for the best part of fourteen years will take you through Eger's fine centre and fill you in on what makes it so special.

The towers of the Minorite and Cistercian churches as seen from the walls of Eger Castle

On our basic tour, Charles will take you from the foot of the castle, the scene of a heroic defense in 1552, up through the narrow, cobbled Dobó Street along the majestic Kossuth Street with its Baroque Mansions and palaces, to the Basilica of St. John and the Lyceum, past the Archbishop’s Palace on Széchenyi Street and then down to the majestic Dobó Square with its Minorite Church and Eclectic-style Town Hall.

The facade of the Basilica with the allegorical figures of Faith, Hope and Charity

The basic tour takes between 90 and 120 minutes, if, however, you wish to visit the Castle and/or explore what the Lyceum has to offer then you can expect a much longer tour.

View of the Basilica from the Lyceum's Astronomical Tower

Please note that we can adapt the tour above to suit your interests/needs. For example, just contact us if you would like to visit other sites (just check our our sightseeing pages on all the possibilities) or have a keen interest in Ecclesiastical history, Baroque architecture or Hungarian folk culture and customs.

Cupola in the Basilica with an artistic interpretation of the Relevation of St. John

In order to arrange a tour, please contact us with any special requests and we will get back to you with an itinerary and a price.

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