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A shadow of its mighty past

Eger Castle may not be the mighty edifice it once was, yet it is still well worth a visit.

It has a fascinating history and occupies a special place in the heart of many a Hungarian. For it was here, in 1552, that a huge Turkish army was defeated by a small Hungarian garrison led by Captain István Dobó.

A great victory, it was immortalised by Géza Gardonyi in his 'loosely based on fact` work 'Egri Csillágok', translated as either 'The Eclipse of the Crescent Moon ' or 'Eger Stars '. This book is required reading for all Hungarian children of primary school age, as is at least one visit to Eger Castle.

eger castle 1552

A 3D representation showing Eger Castle at the time of the 1552 siege.

Despite its significance, the castle was neglected for many years and when restoration work did commence in the 1950s, it left a lot to be desired (hence the large amount of concrete you will encounter).

Even today the castle has the feeling of a work in progress,indeed it still is but do not let this detract from your visit because it really is a fascinating place to explore, if you know what you're looking at.

Contemporary engraving of 16th century Eger castle

When you go to buy an entrance ticket for the castle, you have one of two options:

1. A ticket for the castle and all permanent exhibitions. This costs (as of January 2014): Adults: 1400 Huf (5). Concessions (Age:6-26 years and over 62): 700 Huf (€2.50).

This ticket permits you to roam around the castle grounds and visit the following exhibitions (please follow the links to discover more about each individual display):

2. If you only want to enjoy the view from the castle walls, then you can purchase a walking ticket for: Adult: 800 Huf (€2.50) Concessions (Age:6-26 years and over 62): 400 Huf (€1.40)

Please note that on Mondays all permanent exhibitions are closed!

Eger Castle today.

There are also a number of private exhibitions within the walls, should you wish to visit these you will need to pay extra:

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