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Permanent Exhibitions in the Castle                                           

Collectively known as the István Dobó Museum,  the permanent exhibitions are all situated within the walls of the castle.  A ticket can be purchased that allows you to visit all of them and which includes a guided tour of the Casemates and the Heroes Hall (which can only be visited with a guide). 

A ticket for the castle and all permanent exhibitions costs (as of April 2014):

  • Adults: 1400 Huf (5).
  • Concessions (Age:6-26 years and over 62): 700 Huf (€2.50)

If you only want to enjoy the view from the castle walls, then you can purchase a walking ticket for:

  • Adult: 800 Huf (€2.50)
  • Concessions (Age:6-26 years and over 62): 400 Huf (€1.40)

On Mondays all permanent exhibitions are closed

Eger Castle Museum                                                                           

eger castle museum

Fascinating Examination of the Castle's History - The Castle Museum

This museum is by far the best thing about Eger Castle.

It is housed in the second floor of the Bishop`s Palace and takes you on a journey from the foundation of the fortress right up until the present day through the use of scale models, costume, artifacts, archaeological finds and reconstructions.

The ecclesiastical and military importance of the buildings are given equal weight and visitors may well be surprised to learn just how important a part Eger's small castle played in Hungarian history.

An incredibly detailed and comprehensive exhibition, it is also unusual in that all of the exhibits are accompanied by English descriptions which is a real pleasure.

Well worth a visit. To learn more about the exhibits, opening times and entrance fee read Eger castle museum

If you want to see Eger Castle from the air then it can be arranged

Housed in the same building, but on the ground floor is the Heroes Hall, dedicated to the memory of those involved in the siege of 1552.

The Eger Fine Art Gallery is located in the building north of here, that is to your left as you face the Bishop`s Palace (it is here, on the ground floor, that you can find public conveniences also). For a town of its size, this really is a special exhibition, and reflects the high position Eger held in the church hierarchical structure.

A commemorative event at István Dobó`s tomb in the Heroes Hall

Other sites and attractions in the castle include the medieval Casemates, a defensive fortification that enabled the defenders of the castle to safely travel from one part of the castle to another.

At the entrance to the Casemates is The Baptistery, the oldest part of the Castle excavated so far and said to be the last resting place of one particularly important ecclesiastical figure.

The Baptistery is attached to what remains of the Medieval Cathedral, which unfortunately, is not a lot as the whole place was destroyed during the siege of 1552. This too was once the burial site of an important figure in Hungary`s history.

In the warmer months it is not unusual to see historical reenactments centred around the castle

To the north, not far from the main entrance, is the Medieval Dungeon, which always proves to be a hit with the young, containing as it does various instruments of pain and humiliation.

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