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A water lover's paradise

It could be argued that Eger's water attractions are a bigger draw for the thousands of tourists that flock to the town than its wine and Baroque architecture.

Increasingly visitors from countries like Poland and Ukraine are coming to Eger for their annual summer breaks, primarily to take advantage of the 'strand' (lido/water park) and the thermal baths.

Recently refurbished, the Eger Strand is beginning to resemble a water park

Eger has a countrywide reputation for its Turkish Baths and the healing properties attributed to the hot, mineral waters that come to the surface in and around the town.

It is highly likely that it was the mineral springs that attracted the first settlers to this region but it wasn't until the Turks occupied the area that an organised bathing culture was established.

Water and the activities utilising it have always been of great importance to Eger, today the town's water polo team is regarded as the best in the country, no small feat as Hungary is possibly the most national successful team in the history of the sport.

Swimming, competitive and recreational, also plays a large part in the life of the town.

The original Turkish Baths are still in use today, some 400 years after being built.

Holidaymakers, however, come to Eger not to engage in strenuous, physical activity rather to kick back and enjoy the baths, pools and spas of the town and the surrounding villages.

Below you can find a a breakdown of all the water attractions in the Eger region, click on the orange headers to find out more about each.

A Note on Terminology

On Ieger.com we use the term baths/strand/lido interchangeably, these terms are all used to denote any attraction that involves immersion in water.

Baths and pools in Eger

Eger Open Air Bath

Biggest and best of the strands in the area, covering 5 hectares and with seven pools it is a wonderful place to spend a day with the family

Bitskey Aladár Swimming Pool

Olympic standard swimming pool, home to Eger's phenomenally successful water polo teams, swim in the shadow of champions.

Turkish Baths

Although it has undergone several renovations, this is essentially the same building constructed by Pasha Arnaut in the sixteenth century. Soak up the medicinal waters and a whole lot of history. 

The cave bath at Miskolctapolca

Baths and pools in the surrounding area

Egerszálok Spa

With its blindingly white salt hill, Egerszálok is the most spectacular of the thermal baths, unfortunately access is now restricted for commercial reasons.

Demjén Thermal Valley

Curative water bubbles up from 690 metres below the surface, indicated for a number of conditions including rheumatoid arthritis and other locomotor conditions.

Zsóry Baths, Mezőkövesd

Discovered in the 1930s on the estate of Count Zsóry when a drilling rig looking for oil struck hot water, Mezőkövesd's baths come a close second to Eger's strand for facilities and size.

Bükkszék - a long slide should keep the children happy

Miskolctapolca Cave Baths, Miskolc

Floating in hot, spring water at night in an atmospherically lit cave bath, an experience that can't be beaten

Bükkszék Baths, Bükkszék

Although lacking the facilities of other baths in the area, Bükkszék makes up for it with one very long water slide

Bogácsi Baths, Bogács

Thermal water is not just for bathing in, Bogács's water is said to be an excellent aid for dental and oral hygiene...... when drunk.

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