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Eating Out

You'll have no problem finding somewhere to eat in Eger, finding somewhere good, however, is a different proposition.

Here is our review of the best eateries and cafes in Eger, just click on the names for more information:

The Zsálya Bistro, one of Eger's new breed of eateries

Restaurants, bistros and others

Best Hungarian Cuisine

Fehérszarvas Vadásztanya Étterem

With a large array of long dead animals staring down at you from the walls, you're left in no doubt as to what this restaurant is noted for. Unrivaled in Eger for its game dishes, the 'White Stag Hunter's Farm Restaurant' (a very unsatisfactory translation, I know) is well worth a visit for those wishing to sample wild boar and the like.

Ködmön Csárda

A tavern with a long history, its food may be of the traditional Hungarian variety but its customer service certainly isn't.

Kulács Csárda

If enjoying delicious traditional Hungarian dishes while listening to a 5 piece gypsy band is your thing, then this is the place for you. Located in Szépasszony Völgy (Valley of the Beautiful Woman), the inn also has a fabulous cellar, dug into the limestone hillside, in which to sample wines.

Senator Ház

Hungarian and international cuisine with a unique twist, served in a superb location

Cool Bistros

Zsálya Bistro

Well-regarded bistro situated in Eger's Aqua Hotel, said by some to be a disappointment but the wine list makes up for any shortcomings in service.

Brancs Wine Garden and Coffee House

Great place to eat, sample wines and enjoy some unique and unusual entertainment. Great hosts in Adél and Kata make this my favourite place to while away a few evening hours. Highly recommended

Macok Bistro

Until recently this was known as the Imola Udvár Ház Étterem but has now been transformed into one cool bistro. A national magazine listed this place as one of the top 12 eateries in Hungary. What more can we say.


Brand new place, great location, very good if you like unusual and more conventional  vegetarian dishes. Coffee, smoothies, fruit juices, cakes etc.


Located near the entrance to the Castle, furniture constructed from old pallets, indoor and outside seating. So-called 'New-Wave' café serving food, coffee, breakfast, lunch. Puts on dance events. Relaxed, comfortable vibe.

Pizza/Italian Places


Pizza and pasta are done well here, eat them on the terrace overlooking the busy marketplace and pity the poor souls rushing around with their shopping bags.

Il Padrino Pizza Club

Down a narrow, cobbled sidestreet it's easy to miss this nice little pizzeria. The first to open in Eger some 20 years ago, though it has undergone a few name changes since then, it has a great reputation among the locals for pizzas that taste good but cost little

Bar Italia

As Italian as the name. Fresh pasta dishes, homemade pizzas and delicious desserts make this a good addition to your itinerary. Great location, just off Dobó Square.

Király Pizza

Brash, American style fast food type of place. The pizza isn't that great but it's certainly cheap, a better bet are the various kebab dishes, especially if you've had a few too many glasses of Egri Bikavér

Coffee and Cake

Marján Cukrászda

A dizzying selection of cakes, a nice terrace on which to enjoy them and superb ice cream in the summer make this a great place to take a break from all that sightseeing.

Brancs Coffee House and Wine Garden

Next to the Geza Gardonyi Museum and above the Castle, Brancs has a lovely garden in which to enjoy coffee and cake or if you want something a bit stronger a nice glass of wine

Atmospheric Eateries

Senator Ház

Slap bang in the middle of the historic centre, Senator Haz evokes `olde worlde` charm, cannot be beaten for location and is said employ the best chef in Eger: book a table and judge for yourself.

Fehérszarvas Vadásztanya Étterem

Hunting-themed restaurant. Stuffed animal heads look down on you disapprovingly from every bit of available wall space. Great if you like this sort of thing, horrific if you're a fan of cuddly animals.

Massive Pancakes

Palacsinta Vár

Savoury and sweet pancakes served in a cellar, decorated with an eclectic array of items (the cellar, not the pancakes). Pancakes so big you could live in them.


Govinda Vegetarian Restaurant

Run by the Hare Krisna Movement, Govinda is the only restaurant in Eger dedicated to serving vegetarians. They grow most of the ingredients themselves and their meals can either be eaten at their temple or delivered to wherever you may be.


Brand new place, great location, very good if you like unusual and more conventional  vegetarian dishes. Coffee, smoothies, fruit juices, cakes etc.

Top four ice cream parlours

1. Tony Bácsi's

2. Sárvari Cukrászda

3. Marján Cukrászda

4. Paradice

Best of the Rest

Eger Market

On the first floor of the market you can find traditional Hungarian 'snacks' for sale: Lángos, Kolbász and Hurka among others, authentic Hungarian delicacies

Agria Park Plaza

The food hall in Agria Park isn't going to win any culinary prizes but if you're in a rush and want some filling food, then you could do worse.


Yes, there's one in Eger too. Pleasant customer service makes this place an oasis in a sea of misery.

Expressz Restaurant 

Cheap, school dinner-style, self-service restaurant. Owned by Sándor Pühl, former world cup referee.

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