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Uncover the Secrets of the Bükk

...with an experienced forester and guide

The Bükk Forest is the largest national park in Hungary and exploring it can prove quite intimidating to first-time visitors.

However, with our experienced forester and guide, László, you can enjoy all that the forest has to offer safe in the knowledge that you are in the company of someone who knows what he is doing.

A meadow in the heart of the Bükk National Park

László can take individuals and/or groups on mushroom picking excursions depending on the time of year. All mushrooms picked will be edible and, if you so desire, you can bring your pickings down to a Bükk village, cook them traditional-style and then enjoy them with a glass of Eger wine or homemade Pálinka.

For more information or any specific requests, please contact us for a quote

A selection of wild fruits and mushrooms gathered from the Bükk

For those more interested in experiencing what the park has to offer in terms of game then a trip to view forest animals in their habitat can be organised. This involves walking to a hide and then attracting, with bait, animals such as wild boar, roe deer, stag and a whole lot more.

If you are in the area during the rutting season (early to mid-autumn), then tours to experience this truly unique phenomenon can be arranged.

For more information or any specific requests, please contact us for a quote

Stag at rest

Hunting trips can also be arranged. A variety of game can be shot including stag, wild boar, roe deer, moufflon and others. To find out more about hunting possibilities, please contact us. Generally guests are charged for the type/weight of animal they shoot but this can change.

Lászó will arrange the hiring of equipment (incl. rifles) and accompany you on your trip to help with language issues and the like.

As always, please contact us with any special requests and we will endeavour to satisfy them.

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