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By coach

Eger is well-served by public transport which, although not the most modern or clean, is frequent, cheap and punctual.

With such short travel times (a couple of hours) from Budapest, taking a day's excursion to Eger is a very realistic proposition and well worth it; it gives visitors a different perspective to the one offered by the capital, which, quite frankly, could be a city in any number of countries, so devoid is it of character.

By coach

Travelling by coach is my preferred form of transport when going from Budapest to Eger. On the whole coaches are clean, modern and are equipped with wifi. Coaches to Eger leave from Puskás Ferenc Stadion which is easily accessible from the M2 (red) metro line

There are two coaches to Eger every hour, one at quarter past the hour and the other at quarter to. The former is an 'express' service (expressz in Hungarian) which takes two hours and the latter goes via the town of Gyöngyös adding another 15 minutes onto the journey.

Coaches are modern and clean.

You will find the coach timetable here, just enter the details of your journey and it will return all the scheduled buses for a particular day.

Travelling by coach is cheap (subsidised by the Government); as of January 2015, a single to Eger costs 2900 huf.

Children under 6 travel free, and older children pay 50% of the adult price. If you are over 65 and an EU resident then there is no charge but the driver may ask you for proof of age.

Although this picture of Eger`s main bus station dates from 1968, pretty much everything has stayed the same

Some advice.......

Travelling by coach in Hungary requires a bit of insider knowledge, if you`re not to end up getting seriously angry. Here are my top tips for coach travel within Hungary:

Queuing: The concept doesn`t exist in Hungary, just get used to the free-for-all scrum at coaches, trains etc.; whatever you do,don`t let it annoy you when people just push in  it will spoil your journey.

Buying tickets: There are three ways to buy your coach ticket: The first involves doing it online - not advised if you don`t understand Hungarian; the second is to buy it from the ticket office at the particular coach station - please note that you cannot buy a ticket this way if your coach is leaving within 30 minutes: third, get your ticket from the bus driver (which is what most people do).

Seating: If travelling from Budapest to Eger, there will be a seat number on your ticket which in theory is reserved for you for the trip. In practice, it doesn't work. Passengers do not respect the system and, unless you make a massive song and dance about it, they won't for you either. Another thing, make sure you get to the bus early particularly if you are travelling on Thursday or Friday afternoons/evenings, it is very busy at these times and you could find yourself standing in the aisle for the entire journey if you're not on time.

Otherwise, the bus between Budapest and Eger is clean, punctual and fast, and it has WiFi! 

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