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What's going on in Eger, March
March 04, 2016

Hello, and welcome to the Ieger newsletter bringing you up to date with the latest news and events in and around Eger in March for non-Hungarian speaking tourists and expats.

Intro. An early Easter in March sees Eger rising from its Winter slumber with a number of events. There is the Pálinka Festival on March 10th-11th, the family Easter Weekend in The Valley of the Beautiful Woman and Easter Monday celebrations are taking place within the walls of Eger's formidable fortress and in Egerszalók.

For more on these and much more scroll down amd click on the links of anything you might find interesting.

As always, if you have any questions please reply to this email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible...and don't forget for all your information about what to see and where to go in Eger, visit

Should I visit Eger in March?

It all depends on what kind of experience you're after, to be honest. In my opinion, March is a good time to visit Eger, as the hotel rates are still low and the weather is pleasant enough. However, as the season hasn't really got started there isn't the same amount of events as one would expect in the warmer months. However, having said that, most museums and exhibitions open their doors or extend their opening hours from March 1st, so there is still plenty to do.

This is especially a good time to go walking/hiking in the Bükk or to enjoy outside steaming hot baths in the cold spring evenings

Festivals and Celebrations

Although we're not yet in high tourist season, there are a few festivals for those wishing to get out and shake off their winter cobwebs:


There are a number of places in Eger offering weekly wine tastings this month:

We prefer the above establishments primarily because there is a larger and more varied selection of wines available than would be at the tastings organised by wineries and cellars.

Food and Restaurants

A number of new eateries have opened their doors since the last newsletter:

Film in English

Most English-language films in English are dubbed when they come to Hungary but not all of them. There are also other opportunities to watch films in English in Eger, if you know where to look....

Shopping and Markets

Eger is inevitably awash with cultural activities most, sadly, beyond the comprehension of non-Hungarian speakers. There are exceptions, however:

Sport and Leisure

Check out this month's opportunities for watching sport and/or taking part in sport/activities:

Markets and Antiques

For those looking for souvenirs with a difference or just wanting an interesting cultural experience, there are always the flea/antique markets regularly held in and around Eger:


There is a new addition to Eger's many sights:

The Weather in Eger in...... March

In March the temperature in Eger during the day is in the mid-teens. On a very good day, it may push 20 and on a cold day dip below 10. At night you can expect temperatures in single digits and on occasion there is frost.

As it is Spring there is a fair amount of rain and occasionally sleet/snow but there are also sunny spells and it is not unusual to have sun for the entire day.

If you are visiting in March, be sure to bring an umbrella and warm clothes.

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