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Tours to Aggtelek from Eger

Since 1995, Aggtelek has been on the list of UNESCO heritage sites and rightly so. A beautiful Karst landscape, its most significant treasures are hidden underground in the 1200 or so caves dotted around its 198 square kilometres.

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Although the Aggtelek National Park is around 80 km from Eger, it is well worth a visit. We organise trips to the best-known of the caves, the Baradla Cave, which at 25 km is the longest of the subterranean passages.

It contains a huge array of stalagmites, stalactites, draperies, flowstones, and rimstone dams, all of which makes a visit it a great day out for young and old alike.

The Baradla Cave is the most accessible of the caves with its concrete walkways, electric lighting and tourist infrastructure (e.g. gift shops, toilets and the like). This infrastructure, however, does not extend to guided tours in English and that is why we provide them.

Entrance to the Baradla Cave

Our Tour to Aggtelek

For small groups (Min. 2 persons - max. 8 persons)

We take the bus - public transport - in the morning (at around 08.00) from Eger's main bus station, travel across the forested Bükk National Park, then past small villages with their traditional peasant houses and farms and through pastures of wild grasses and colourful flowers - finally, after a short stop in the city of Kazincbarcika, we head north towards the Slovakian border arriving at Aggtelek village at around 11.00.

There are guided tours of the cave every hour, on the hour, so we would aim to join the 12.00 tour - each tour takes an hour.  

Around the entrance to the cave is a nice, shaded park and after exiting the cave we eat a picnic lunch here.

The return bus leaves Aggtelek at around 14.30 and we arrive back in Eger at 16.30

Price of Tour

The Aggtelek tours costs 40 euros per person (13000 huf) and includes: return bus fare, lunch, the entrance ticket to the Baradla Cave and an English-speaking guide who will accompany you throughout.

There are souvenir shops at the cave entrance, as well as toilets and snack bars.

The temperature of the cave is around 10c and it is damp so do bring a warm top with you.

If you would like any more information about the Aggtelek tour or you have any specific requests, then please contact us.

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